Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAFEWAY rocks!!!

Safeway is my favorite store for grocery shopping because I can get things for free or even better, make money! Today was the PERFECT example of that!


1 Clorox Bleach $1.99
Used Super Coupon from Sunday Oregonian ad
$1.69 each with coupon

8 Yoplait Yogurts SALE 10/$5 (Don't have to buy 10)
Used (2) $.50/6 Cellfire e-coupons
Used $0.50/6 Shortcuts e-coupons
Used $1.00 off 8 from Betty Crocker mailer
Used double (-$0.50)
$1 for 8 after coupon and double

1 Yoplait Fiber One $2.50
Used $1.00/1 Cellfire e-coupons (I had another e-coupon but it didn't come off :(
Used $1.00/1 Shortcuts e-coupon
Used $1.00/1 Fiber One coupon from here
Used double (-$0.50)
FREE + $1 moneymaker after coupon & double

2 Buddig Deli Cuts Lunch Meat (BOGO) $4.29
Used (2) $1 off 1/17 SS
Used (2) doubles (-$1.00)
$1.29 after coupons & doubles

3 lb Bananas $.59/lb) $1.77

2 lb Asparagus ($1.28/lb!!!) $2.02
Applied Safeway ecoupon $0.50/1 lb

2.6 lb Jumbo Onions ($.39/lb!) $1.01

2 Artichokes (not a good price at all but YUM!) $4

1 Cilantro bunch $0.59

1 3-lb Fresh Express Garden Salad $2.49
Used Super Coupons from Sunday Oregonian
$1.99 after store coupon

TOTAL after coupons & doubles: $14.86
WIC Check: -$6
PAID OOP: $8.86


Chex Mix 8 oz bag $2.99
Used (2) $0.50 Cellfire ecoupon
Used $0.50 Shortcuts ecoupon (2 more on Shortcuts that didn't come off...)
Used $0.50 coupon from here (DND)
$0.99 after coupons!

Fiber One Muffin Mix $3.99 (regular price, not on sale)
Used (4) $0.50 Cellfire coupons
Used (3) $0.50 Shortcuts coupons
Used $0.50 coupon from here (DND)
FREE + $0.01 moneymaker after coupons!!!

PAM Cooking Spray $3.79 (HORRIBLE price!!)
Used $0.50 Safeway ecoupon
Used $0.50 IP from here (DND)
$2.79 after coupons ... NOT less than WinCo

6 Purevia Sweetener ($1.99 each) $11.94
Used 5 $2 off coupons 1/03 SS1 (gave cashier 6 but she missed one...)
Used (4) doubles (-$2.00)
FREE + $0.06 moneymaker (would've been $2.06 moneymaker...)!!!

2 Safeway Dozen Eggs $1.79 each
Used BOGO from here (promotion they were running)
$1.79 after coupon

Yoplait Delight Parfait $2.99
Used (2) $1 Cellfire ecoupon
Used $1 coupon (insert & date????)
FREE + $0.01 moneymaker!!!

TOTAL after coupons and doubles: $5.78..... would've been $3.78


Nature Valley Nut Clusters $3.99
Used $0.40 Cellfire e-coupon (came off even though for granola bars...)
Used (2) $1 Cellfire ecoupon
Used (2) $1 Shortcuts ecoupon
Used $1 coupon 2/21 SS
Used double (-$0.50)
FREE + $1.91 moneymaker after coupons and double!!!!

2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls ($1.49 each wyb 4) $2.98
Used $1 Shortcuts ecoupon
Used $0.50 Shortcuts ecoupon
Used $0.50/2 coupon 12/13 GM
Used double (-$0.50)
Clearanced so cashier took additional $1.25 off each (reg. $2.49)!!!
FREE + $2.02 moneymaker after coupons and double!!!

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls ($1.49 each wyb 4) $2.98
Used (2) $0.40 Cellfire Coupon
Used $1.00 Shortcuts Coupon
Used $0.40 Shortcuts Coupon
Used $0.95 off internet printable (Handed Cashier 2 but she only scanned 1 on accident :(
Clearanced so cashier took additional $1.25 off each (reg. $2.49)!!!
FREE + $2.67 moneymaker after coupons and discounts!!!!!

2 Precious String Cheese ($1.99 ea SALE) $3.98
Used (2) $1 off Precious String Cheese 1/03 RP2 (Thanks Carrie!)
Used 2 doubles (-$1)
$.98 for two after coupons and doubles ($.49 each!!)!!!

Safeway 4 lb bag Chicken Breasts (SALE $1.69/lb!!!) $6.76
Used $1 Safeway ecoupon
$5.76 after coupon!! Even without the coupon this is a stock-up price and if I had a bigger freezer I would!

2 lb bag frozen raw shrimp $16.98 (grabbed wrong bag...)
Used Super Coupon from Sunday Oregonian (supposed to make it $4.99/lb) Cashier deducted $4
$12.98 after nice cashier discount (make sure you buy the COOKED 31-40 ct ex. lg. shrimp...
then it's only $9.99)

TOTAL after coupons: $10.12 (pretty good considering I spend $3 too much on the wrong bag of shrimp and the cashier missed scanning a $.95 coupon... it would've been $6.22!!!!!!)

So all in all I save $103.89!!!!!! I'm trying not to kick myself for not noticing the missed coupons and wrong item but oh well. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes :) SEE WHY SAFEWAY IS SOOO AWESOME!!!!
Grand Total Spent: $24.76... again, this would've been $18.81 but STILL!! Now, get out and go shopping!!!!!!!!


  1. Okay, I think I am too dumb for this. Yesterday I sat down and thought, alright, I'm going to put some effort in here and do it. After over an hour on the computer, not finding a couple of the coupons listed (the kotex ones, but I think that was a zip code issue), I headed to Albertsons anyway to get some "free" juice from a deal listed on the Frugal Living NW blog. Yeah, they were out of course. Sigh. And then I get all frustrated about the fact that I just spent all this time and came home with nothing. I think I need to come over for some one-on-one tutoring.

  2. The String Cheese Coupon came from the 1/3 rp #2.
    As for the parfait coupon, I don't have it. I remember having some but mine expired. Were they from an insert or was it a blinkie or printable? Hope that helps!

  3. Why did you break it up into 3 transactions if there were no cats to roll? I'm not very Safeway savvy, but I'm looking forward to learning from you!

  4. Because I used doubles with each transaction and you can only use 1 of Safeway's doubles (doubles up to 4 MF coupons) per purchase. Hope that helps!