Safeway Instructional

Safeway offers electronic coupons! These coupons can be loaded onto your Safeway Club card and then automatically deduct off of your receipt when you purchase items that match the coupons. The best part? YOU CAN STILL USE PAPER COUPONS AND DOUBLES!!! And that is why I love Safeway! After e-coupons, paper coupons, and doubles, most items are free or close to free.

They will show on your receipt most often listed under the product purchased. In bold it will state "Mfr coupon -.50" (or something similar). They do not deduct until the cashier hits the total/subtotal button. Another GREAT part? If you have 3 coupons for the same product but only buy 1 product (i.e. 3 $1 off Nature Valley Nut clusters but buy only 1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters) ALL 3 electronic coupons will deduct!! That would make your product VERY cheap, free, OR make you money!!! Use that to your advantage!

E-Coupon Sites Lots of Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Yoplait, and General Mills coupons Same type of coupons as Cellfire. They WILL double up!  Specifically  has P&G (Proctor & Gamble) product coupons. Pair with a P&G rebate or savings deal to save extra!!  Several unique coupons, including Safeway brand coupons, can be loaded. These are great, especially when there are produce and meat coupons which happens often! They DO NOT show up on your receipt as a separate deduction. The are automatically removed from the price (i.e. fruit snacks $1 w/ .50 off e-coupon shows up as .50 charged on the receipt)

Tip #1- ALWAYS use a paper coupon when planning on using e-coupons. Why not?

Tip #2- All of the e-coupon websites let you print a "shopping list" or list of coupons that have loaded onto your card. Print all of the lists and see which coupons double up to give you the most savings.

Tip #3- Occasionally check your e-coupons that have been loaded. Sometimes their may not be a sale but you'll have 6 e-coupons for the same item which will help you make money on the item. Use them up!

Tip #4- Don't save your e-coupons! They do expire just like paper coupons. Plus if there is a sale on an item now, there probably won't be another sale on the same item before your e-coupon expires.

Tip #5- E-coupons DO NOT DOUBLE!

Every week Safeway prints 1 double coupon inside their weekly ad. It's located in the lower left corner, inside the front page. This double coupon can double up to 4 paper manufacturer coupons for up to .50 each. This means if you have a $1 off manufacturer coupon (does not work for store coupons) using the "double" will help you take off $1.50 (since it's UP TO .50 extra off). This also means that a .40 off coupon can be doubled to equal .80 off the item (will not double more than the coupon is worth). Make sense? Clear as mud?? :)

Safeway often does several promotions that can save you lots of money! Read the fine print on these deals!! They will have things similar to the following:

Spend $25, save $10 whether saved at the register immediately or a $10 coupon will print when you buy $25 worth of participating products USUALLY before coupons. Any participating items will have a clearly marked tag underneath the product in the store. (Again... USUALLY)

Buy 5, Save $5 meaning buy 5 participating products and save $5 instantly. These deals usually ONLY work in increments of 5 and are usually "mix n match". In other words, you don't have to buy 5 of the same item to get the savings... usually!

Hopefully this quick re-cap of e-coupons will help all of you save LOTS of money in the future!