Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Does anyone follow this blog??

I've been thinking about all the posts I wanted to put up here over the last couple of weeks. I've gotten some AWESOME deals that I'd like to share. However, I have little to no motivation to post anything if no one is reading it. Is anyone out there? Anyone reading and using the info?? Pleeeeease let me know. I give it a week. If there are no comments on this blog, I'm going to stop posting and cancel the site.

IF SOMEONE IS READING THIS, please comment and give suggestions on what you would like to see posted. Recently I've just been giving you the deals I actually purchase more for motivational purposes and to give you an idea of how to use coupons best. If there's other information you're wanting, let me know! Or if I should change the layout or something to make it more user friendly, that would be good to know too. Thanks for your input... if there is any!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Save-A-Lot til 6/15

The Save-A-Lot chain has a $5/$25 purchase coupon on their website when you sign up for the Smart Shoppers Club (it's free). Plus, it's unlimited number of prints!! Here's the deal I did today:

$21.98   Frozen Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 
              $1.89/lb, Bought 11.5 lbs

$0.44  One Head of Lettuce

$1.10  Bananas, 3 lbs worth (3 lbs / $1!!)

$1.79  One Gallon of Milk

-$5 coupon
TOTAL: $20.31

I figure everything except the chicken I would've bought anyway so if I take the $5 off the cost of the chicken alone, I only paid $1.46/lb for it! Excellent price!!

Check out there ad on their website. The coupon is good until June 15th. The closest location to me is 174th and Division. Not the best area, but who cares with awesome prices :)